I Typed in a Name and Was Shocked By The Results

Janice Lemansky
 | May 05, 2018

Have you ever met someone new and find yourself wanting to know more about them? Perhaps they gave off a bad vibe. Maybe you found them attractive and want to know more.

In today's digital age, people go to google for information and most people will willingly admit to doing a google search on someone they met or someone from their past. More interesting, an overwhelming majority of Americans admit to searching themselves to see what their online reputation looks like.

But google is limited in the personal information it can provide and only provides a small subset of information available.

Is there is a better way to find personal details about someone and uncover what they may be hiding?

A new website called PeopleWhiz has users "speechless" by the personal details it can find on just about anyone in America. PeopleWhiz has over 67 billion searchable public records revealing personal details on millions of Americans.

Searches can be done in minutes and records are aggregated from official U.S. records sourced from federal, state, and private commercial databases. PeopleWhiz provides instant access to sensitive criminal, traffic and sex offender records - details are uncensored and may be disturbing, so be prepared!

Can I find more than just criminal, traffic and arrest records?

PeopleWhiz lets you look up personal details like birth/death records, relative list, possible roommates, partners/associates, marriage/divorce records, mugshots, professional licenses and tons more.

Finding information like address history, phone numbers and emails is a snap. Best of all users can check as many records as they want, friends, family, co-workers, celebrities and even yourself.

What about social media? Can I search for hidden social media accounts?

You'll be able to search for anyone's social media accounts, even the hidden ones. We're not just talking about Facebook, there are over 200 social networks online. PeopleWhiz makes searching across social networks fast, efficient and easy.

Going through a person's social media profiles can be very revealing. You can easily fact check many of the claims they make about their life. You can see who their friends are, their interest and their social posts and comments can tell a lot about a person. Parents find this tool invaluable as they can easily screen their child's friends, boyfriends and girlfriends. Best of all, parents can now monitor their own child's social media profiles to see if they may be a victim of cyber abuse.

But beware, searching social networks can sometimes uncover heartbreaking truths. Numerous users have reported finding their spouse’s hidden social media profiles uncovering years long online affairs - finding out your spouse is cheating can be difficult.

Ready to give it a try?

The process is simple, start a search by entering anyone's name and let PeopleWhiz's robust system do the work. click here.