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Expected to Find Criminal Records, But Came Up With Nothing? Let’s Find Out Why

So you ran a search on someone and were expecting to find criminal and/or arrest records, but came up empty handed. The first thing to acknowledge is that this may not be the worst discovery. It’s entirely possible that your search target was never actually convicted of a crime. Or their criminal or arrest record may have been sealed or expunged at some point, removing it from public records databases.

But what if none of the above is the case? How do you proceed if you feel like this lack of criminal records is an error? You know for a fact they were convicted of something, and you want to see the report! Your best bet is to contact the state or county courthouse where you believe your search target was processed. If that’s still not cutting it, then give us a call. We may be able to point you in the right direction or clear up the confusion surrounding your compiled background report.

With over 67 billion public records on file, PeopleWhiz has one of the most expansive database networks in the world. If there are criminal records to be found, we will find them. That said, the lack of criminal records you uncovered is informative. Either your search target was never formally arrested, convicted, or their records were sealed or expunged for some reason. Getting to the root of the reasons for that may be your next step.

And we’re here to help you with that. Dealing with public records information on such a massive scale for many years has made us experts on the subject. If you need advice, instruction, or consultation regarding the information in a background report, just give us a call. You have a partner in PeopleWhiz!