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Background Checks & Criminal RecordsPublic Records Search
Background Checks & Criminal RecordsPublic Records Search

Public Records Search

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Find Property Records

Public records and these related resources can give you an advantage in homebuying and property research.

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Is He Cheating?

About one in five people in monogamous relationships steps out on their partner. A background report can expose even the sneakiest cheaters.

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Reunite With Loved Ones

If you are ready to get in touch with a relative or a long-lost friend, these four tips will help you research and reconnect.

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Uncover Hidden Profiles

Use these five proven investigative methods to track down the social media activity that some people would rather hide.

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background search reportIncluded In Your Background Search Report

The cornerstone of everyone’s public profile is a set of information known as vital statistics: Name, sex, birth, death, marital status. We show you this about your search subjects, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg.
We continually scour nationwide directories and social media to find phone numbers and email addresses, helping you get in touch with long-lost relatives, schooltime friends, or past business contacts.
When people walk down the aisle, they leave more than a trail of flower petals. They leave a paper trail too! We reveal marriage info as well as divorce facts. (Please respect people’s privacy if they do not wish to discuss a messy divorce.)
Where does someone live? Where did they move from? Are they stable or restless? These questions are answered by our address history results. Plus: Ensuring that your own address history is clean and accurate is recommended for protecting your online identity/reputation.
We find social media profiles that other searches miss. Our proprietary algorithm works like AI (artificial intelligence) to dig up usernames, posts, photos, and other social media activity that matches or suspiciously resembles activity by your search subject.
See through a charming smile or a confident handshake to learn the truth about someone with whom you might start a personal or business relationship. We expose all criminal records the law permits us to show you. Criminal records available to the public include arrest logs, search warrants, and coroner’s reports.
Learn where and when your search subject purchased a home or other real estate, and you won’t have to take a trip downtown and wait in line for a clerk. If your search subject’s name is on a deed anywhere in the country, we can find it fast.
Every state maintains its own business license database, but you can tap into them all simultaneously with your powerful PeopleWhiz membership. Records may include corporate filings, new business filings, and credentials for practicing a profession. Verify someone’s credentials for peace of mind.
Enhance your genealogy search by connecting the dots between people. Our analysis tools work behind the scenes to link people in the same family tree, whether by birth or marriage.
From current job to the most noteworthy entries in a person’s working career, PeopleWhiz gathers employment information fast and accurately.
Most state courts have ruled that records related to one’s driving privileges are public information, not personal data. To the extent that the law allows, we expose everything from unsafe-turn infractions to felony DUI. Make sure someone’s license isn’t suspended before you loan out your car!
Visit thousands of county courthouses instantly with a jiffy PeopleWhiz search. We expose lawsuits, tax liens and judgments, property information, criminal records, bankruptcies, and other court records.
In the digital age, new information sources come online all the time. We continuously seek new databases and improve our report layouts to incorporate new categories. Whatever new public record is invented tomorrow, if we can legally show it to you, we will!
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Imagine all the details you want, front and center. Our site layout and structuring have been imitated but never matched! Although we can dig up background information on just about anyone, we strive to present the results in a way you can understand. We don't believe in popups and attachments; we expose all personal background results in a clear, organized manner.
Some personal and background details can naturally lead to others. For example, finding a street address might interest you in seeing the street view photo, and a court record might intrigue you to contact the courthouse. Our search results are great jumping-off points for fascinating research. When possible, we link to deeper resources.
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John Walter Smith

Real-Time Updates
Phone Number
(310) 210-3838
Amber A. Neff
Last Known Address
22051 Shore Center Dr,
Los Angeles, CA, 90018
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“Before PeopleWhiz all I could do was google people and try to find them on social networks. What a hassle! Half the time I couldn’t trust the results. PeopleWhiz finds valid results I can believe.”
Taisha, Nashville, TN
“I hate to think how scary my roommate search would have been without PeopleWhiz. One guy gave us his Facebook page as a sort of character reference, and it turned out to be full of lies.”
Robert, Allentown, PA
“I’m running names through it almost every day, for myself and friends. Thank god for unlimited searches! Some man’s Instagram can be very different from the facts you see on PeopleWhiz.”
Ashley, Los Angeles, CA
“I admit I mostly search for myself, but that’s one way I protect my identity. I drew up background reports on family and friends, too. Why not? PeopleWhiz lets me generate as many as I want, for anyone.”
Diedre, San Antonio, TX
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