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Facts And Questions

PeopleWhiz is a public records search engine that cares deeply about user privacy. Whether it’s keeping our members’ identities 100% private and sealed, or helping you understand why certain public records showed up when you conducted a self search, we’re here to help. And the best way to help is to answer our site users’ questions in detail. Here’s a few of the most frequently asked ones we get:

Can my search target find out I used PeopleWhiz to background check them?

No. Not only do we encrypt and safeguard our site, ensuring user anonymity when you perform a search, but there really is no way any 3rd party app or entity of any kind could access your information either. We take our members’ privacy very seriously and will always do so to ensure you can conduct your background checks without noone finding out about it. That’s our promise to you.

Is PeopleWhiz only for the U.S. or can I search international people as well?

PeopleWhiz is a U.S. based background search engine. As such, we can only pull public records history on U.S. based people. So unfortunately as of now you cannot search for people living in other countries on our site.

What are the most common reasons people use PeopleWhiz?

Great question! PeopleWhiz is used for all kinds of different reasons, among the most common of which are self searches, where you can see what public records are out there on you... background checking a blind date, oftentimes from a dating app, before meeting them in person… and reconnecting with long lost loves, friends, or family members that you can’t seem to locate anywhere!

Other common reasons people use our site is to check out someone they don’t trust, like a family member’s new boyfriend or girlfriend; reverse phone lookups for numbers that won’t stop calling; checking out the history of a residential or commercial real estate property they’re considering purchasing; or finding secret social media profiles someone might be hiding.

How is my information used when I sign up for a membership?

At PeopleWhiz, the only thing we do with your info is use it to help manage your communication and overall relationship with our site. For example, we may email you from time to time with an important update regarding your account, but we will never, ever share your details with a 3rd party entity. Our member info is private and we like to keep it that way.

How do I remove my name and public records from your search results?

Removing your personage from our search results is as easy as following the simple prompts on this page. We can also instruct our public records providers to not return your documents in a search, but that will not remove your public record history. There really is no way to completely erase or delete your public records file, as different government agencies and private entities are required by law to file and store specific documents.

For more info on this, please read through our Remove My Info page or contact our customer service, available 24/7.

How do I cancel my membership?

We never make our members jump through hoops to cancel. Although we hate to see you go, we’d hate it even more if you felt it was a pain in the neck to do so. So just contact our customer service with your membership details a nd we will bid you adieu - we’re available 24/7 by phone or email.

Got more questions? Just give us a call.