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Search Public Records
The PeopleWhiz Difference

PeopleWhiz vs. The Other Guys

PeopleWhiz isn’t like other background check websites. With over 67 billion records in our network database and round the clock customer service, we strive to provide our users with the most thorough, accurate, and cost efficient background reports in a matter of minutes. We believe in building trust with our users by delivering them the truth.

In the not so distant past, compiling a detailed background report like the ones you can access through PeopleWhiz was a monumental task. But now, by utilizing our proprietary data architecture and vast network of public records providers, you can literally get a highly detailed background report containing sensitive information on your search target within a matter of minutes. It’s like having a virtual Private Eye just awaiting your next command.

Our system was built with you in mind - we want our users to be safe, and to keep their families and loved ones safe, by knowing everything you need to know about the people you let into your lives. What once was an expensive, time and labor intensive task is now accessible to you at the click of a button, and at a cost you can easily afford. With PeopleWhiz, it’s never been easier to learn the truth about the people around you.

The Best Data on The Web

PeopleWhiz - With over 67 billion public records in our network’s collective database, our users can rest assured that if there’s something to be uncovered about someone, we’ll find it. And on top of our partnerships with the biggest and best data providers, our in house team are bad data watchdogs - we’re always combing through public records to filter out an errors, allowing us to deliver the most accurate background reports in the world.

The Other Guys - Houston… we have a problem. Yes that’s my name, but no I am not deceased. Also wasn’t born in the 1930s, and I’ve 100% never been to prison. Can I get some help over here?!

Clear, Concise Reports

PeopleWhiz - Public records can be confusing. There’s no two ways about it. That’s why we take the time to label each and every document in your report, ensuring you understand what you’re looking at.

The Other Guys - Oh I’m sorry, 5 other people have the same name as you? Yeah… your records are gonna get all mixed up with theirs. Nothing we can do about it, but thanks for the money!

Background Checks For Less

PeopleWhiz - With several different pricing options depending on your background check needs, PeopleWhiz provides our users with flexibility. We’re inexpensive because we never want you second guessing whether it’s worth it to run a background check. If you’re thinking about it, it’s worth it! Better safe than sorry.

The Other Guys - This is literally 3 times as much as PeopleWhiz! No way am I signing up for this!

User Friendly

PeopleWhiz - You came to our site for one thing: to run background checks. We want you to do that without any distractions, and that’s how we designed our site: distraction free. No bells and whistles, no unnecessary smoke and mirrors to pull you away from the task at hand. Minimalist. Clean. Simple. It’s the PeopleWhiz way.

The Other Guys - Excuse me, but this site is an absolute mess! How the heck do I run a background check on this thing? This is a background check site, right? Seriously, I can’t tell!

Earning Your Trust

PeopleWhiz - We don’t sign our users up for any products or services they don’t want. We know you’re on our site to compile background checks, so that’s really all we do. We value our users and your trust in us is something we take very seriously.

The Other Guys -Hey, since you’re on our site, you want to sign up for some weird discount club? No? Well, we’ll just go ahead and sign you up anyway. You’re just a dollar sign to us!

No Third Party Marketers Allowed

PeopleWhiz - Speaking of trust, we have a hard and fast rule here at PeopleWhiz to NEVER share or sell and data or information you enter into our site. Every action you take on PeopleWhiz is private and will not be used for anything other than servicing you on our site.

The Other Guys - Uhh, why am I suddenly getting an onslaught of spam emails? I didn’t sign up for this!

Opting Out of Our Service

PeopleWhiz - You don’t have to jump through hoops with us. We make it easy to leave, whenever you want, no questions asked.

The Other Guys - Look, I’m just trying to opt out here. I don’t need this service anymore - why is this so difficult?!

Mobile Background Checks

PeopleWhiz - With our responsive design, you can literally use PeopleWhiz anywhere, anytime, on any device. Our platform is mobile friendly so you can pull reports and stay safe no matter where you are: at home on your desktop computer or on the go on your smartphone. PeopleWhiz has you covered.

The Other Guys - Mobile devices? You mean like a wheelbarrow? We don’t get it.

24/7 Customer Service

PeopleWhiz - Have questions or concerns? We’re here to answer them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re easily reachable by email or phone, and when you call us, average wait time is less than half a minute. Speak to a real person every single time, round the clock.

The Other Guys - Just fax us, we’ll get back to you sometime in the next year or two, pal.