Search Public Records
Search Public Records
What's a Public Record?

Public Records… What Are They Exactly?

And Where Do They Even Come From?

Public Records come from a wide variety of sources, government and private sector alike. Birth and death certificates, marriage and divorce records, criminal and arrest history, phone numbers and addresses, property sales and transfers of ownership, credit reports and school transcripts… the list goes on and on. Many times, little things people do can create a public record that is filed and stored somewhere - when you sign up for a magazine subscription, a cell phone rebate, even a new credit card can create a public record on you. Speeding and parking tickets, your social network profiles, a blog page maybe… all of these are typically stored somewhere and are accessible as part of your public records.

So we’ve established this revealing information is out there - and it’s your info - so why is it so difficult for you to see it all clearly in one place?

Accessing Your Public Records Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult.

Getting a hold of all your public records in one place used to be a monumental task. Not anymore. Government agencies and private corporations have long held individuals’ public records in hundreds if not thousands of different locations, but now, with services like PeopleWhiz, you can literally access every public record that exists in one place.

The law states public records must be made available - but that doesn’t mean the entities that file and store them haven’t kept tight control over the documents themselves. It’s been extremely profitable for them to do so, and very expensive for the average individual to compile a complete public records report. But PeopleWhiz is changing that for the better. Our goal is to provide the public with all of their public records in an easily accessible way that won’t break the bank.

Aggregating Every Public Records Source In One Place

Your public records info is about one person: YOU. So shouldn’t you be able to maintain some sort of ownership or control over it? At the very least, you should be aware of what’s out there. But with the thousands if not millions of websites your public records may be filed across, to the hundreds of county clerks offices registering your information, compiling a complete, thorough profile that covers all of your publicly accessible documents could be harrowing.

Enter PeopleWhiz: the public records search engine created to streamline the process. We use the most cutting edge software technology and tools to aggregate all publicly available data into one easy-to-read report. Our system is fast, reliable, and the information we compile is as accurate as it gets.

Can I access ALL of my public records with PeopleWhiz?

With over 67 billion data points to draw from, PeopleWhiz connects with every known public records network out there. From criminal and arrest records, to detailed phone and address history, to every social media profile a person has ever created, PeopleWhiz has it all.

How accurate are PeopleWhiz reports? What if I find mistakes?

We wish data was perfect; we really do. But unfortunately, there are many reasons why public records information can be erroneous. The most common reasons for this are mix-ups with people who share the same name, and government agency misfilings of public records that were initially written by hand. When transferring any handwritten document to digital format, entities run the risk of filing incorrect information (sometimes handwritten public records are never digitized at all, which is important to keep in mind).

Finding out about errors like this is a GOOD thing! Now that you know the error exists, you can take the appropriate steps to correct it. Here at PeopleWhiz, we do everything in our power, day in and day out, to ensure the highest quality public records information makes it into our reports. So if you have any questions or concerns regarding the accuracy of your background report, please CONTACT US HERE.