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Background Report Errors

Mistakes On Your Background Report? Let’s Fix ‘Em!

PeopleWhiz is an incredible tool. But that doesn’t mean we’re flawless. Although errors in your background report are not caused or created by us, you may see them on certain documents in your report if something was misfiled by a courthouse or record storage agency. There are a variety of reasons this can happen, so let’s explore a few of them together and figure out how to right the ship:

  1. Whether it’s a death certificate under your name that you’re certain isn’t yours (you are alive after all!), or a criminal record for a crime you’ve never even heard of in your life, mistakes happen. Perhaps someone with your same name, who is of a similar age and lives nearby, committed a crime and the public record has been erroneously attached to you. Or that same person passed away and now their death certificate is being tied to your name. The number one thing to do in this situation is keep calm. We can remedy this together.
  2. Public record errors are not uncommon. Something as simple as a handwritten form being mistranscribed into a digital format can cause a mountain of problems; you’d be surprised to discover how often it happens. Now that you’ve taken that deep breath, let’s print that inaccurate public record out. Armed with hard copy evidence of your misfiled record, we can now move on to step 3…
  3. Your state or county courthouse is likely going to be the first point of contact in terms of rectifying the public record mistake. There’s a chance it won’t be a courthouse, especially if the misfile occurred at a separate government office or the offices of a private entity. Either way, you’ll need to present them with proof of the error, which is where your hard copy we printed out together will come into play.
  4. If you run into any difficulties in filing your public record complaint, contact us immediately. We will help guide you through this process to ensure the public record error is resolved.