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A Comprehensive Guide to a Background Check

What you need to know about a background check

A Comprehensive Guide to a Background Check
Discover the ins and outs of a background check.

What exactly is a background check?

The most convenient way to collect information on a person is to conduct a complete background check, which is a compilation and validation of a person's data or accounts from public and private references. Background checks are the primary source of the necessary facts and details regarding a person or candidate.

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Background checks are commonly performed when applying for employment, including previous work history, credit history, and license and criminal recordsverification. Most employers frequently utilize this to investigate a person who has applied for employment, searching for a person's educational background, records of past employment, and if there are previous criminal records. HR departments usually do the process throughout the job application. Still, anybody who prefers to validate the person's past may request or investigate the individual's background information. While it is true that validation of the individual data can be done during the interview process, you can further discover the extent of the person's history that may not possibly surface during the interview since some applicants might hide certain information from a background check.

Below we’ll explore the fullness and further details of the background check.

Why or when should you perform a background check?

There are several reasons why you need to perform a background check. The intention is to build a secure, risk-free, and beneficial environment, whether for employment applications, finding your dream house or a new condo, or even leasing a vehicle. You do not need to worry because the applicant's rights are considered and secured by the appropriate national, municipal, and local legislation.


The primary purpose of performing a background check is to prevent damage or statutory obligation of several forms to the company and another entity or concerned parties. The background check might show violence and harassment in the place of work or outrage in a business establishment. Something you would not have known about the applicant or person if you did not do a background check.


Who would want to employ something other than the best? Usually, past accomplishments are a substantial display of upcoming performance. They will show a person's expertise, efficiency, abilities, and social or people skills.


Confirming the data given by a person or candidate about his or her educational background, identifications, qualifications, or previous history will not only verify the required credentials but, most of all, will deliver an understanding of the candidate's trustworthiness, enthusiasm, and dependability.


Benefits of a Background Check

A background check will be an advantage for both the applicant and the company in a diversity of practical and legal ways.

1. Transparency and Trust

Engagement or agreement based on contract positions involves a degree of trust between the client and the service provider. In mandating the sub-contractors to go through a background investigation before reaching out to the public, you can foster and build standard transparency and trust, increasing productivity and accountability.

2. Legal compliance

The worth of an employee lawsuit can paralyze the company's investment and assets, and by performing an official procedure to check the potential candidates will make it easier for a company to cut across legal necessities.

3. Safety of the Employee

Companies uphold the safety of their personnel. The background check will allow a company to provide a safe place and allow employees to work in a safe environment.

What Will a Background Check Show?

The majority of people associate this kind of investigation with past behavior, but generally speaking, a background check offers much more than that. This can differ based on the objectives or services employed and the type of facts and data you want to discover. Though not all the facts and data in the investigation will cover similar information, it can expose the person's identity, criminal history, authentication of social security, credit history, and more.

General Forms of Background Checks


Employment history checks include preliminary information such as the person's identification, address, educational background, or past employment. But the employment history is restricted only to the employment dates and employment designation.


While the educational background may refer to academic achievement, eligibility, or diplomas a person declares to possess, subject to the company's discretion, they may include checking of professional licenses or professional citations.


Client credit histories are often pursued by applicants and contain financial accountability. The credit history check will assist the company in determining if the person's financial standing will place a threat relating to managing finances or exerting a financial decision.


A motor vehicle registration usually comprises license rank, license class, the date of expiration, and if there are traffic offenses, apprehensions and sentences for driving intoxicated, and of course, if there are license terminations or suspensions. Companies must verify a person's driving records, especially if he or she will manage and drive the company's vehicle.


The national or government regulation mandates selected employments to conduct background checks, such as occupations involving child and health care, public transportation, and education. Depending on the location, companies might need to verify with a lawyer for the compliance request on their personnel.


Although companies are not obliged to verify the government records of specially designated nationals, companies are mandated to disclose every match they will discover to the Office of Foreign Assets Control. Companies must coordinate with a lawyer to govern their distinct responsibilities.


Some companies use different social media platforms to investigate a potential candidate. But, employing this kind of platform to extract data or facts might be provocative. At the same time, companies employing this kind of application to verify the information should know the boundaries of the different platforms.


Verification through personal references might be one of the most perceptive and hardest to get. Whether the personal references check is through an in-house or outside vendor, systematic and polished reference checking produces the best-respected evidence on what to anticipate from a potential applicant since this will cover significantly more than just the person's name or previous position.

The Extent of a Background Check

Generally, there are no established boundaries on the extent of information that can be pulled. But you need to be introduced to and be acquainted with the type of information you seek when you employ a background check on a potential candidate.

However, you also need to know the extent of the facts they will search to define the magnitude of information you can obtain. Due to restrictions, local regulations might have a say on what information will appear and will not occur.

The difference in regulation from one state to another will significantly modify what shows up on your background investigation. You need to consider and be very careful of every state's laws as this will assist you in gaining insights as to the extent of information you can obtain.

Last Thoughts

Companies, employers, or even individuals can perform a background check to verify that all the data is factual. The necessity of data and facts in a background check will primarily be subject to the type and forms of information the company needs.

Complete information may contain all from the person's identity to credit standing to criminal history. We strongly encourage you to partner with a reputable company like PeopleWhiz to cultivate your needed background screening and get the most out of the available information!

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