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Practice Safe Dating: Have You Done a Background Search on the Person You're About to Meet?

Catfish, cheater, axe murderer, felon—who could you be dating?

Practice Safe Dating: Have You Done a Background Search on the Person You're About to Meet?
Mr. or Ms. Right could be your worst nightmare. | Photo: Adobe Stock

Why a Background Search Is Important When It Comes to Dating

We all know someone who's been on a bad date, and there's nothing better than sharing a glass of wine with your friends and getting the scoop on your friend's latest dating nightmare.

But what most people consider their own bad date from hell could be something that isn't that big of a deal versus what some women or men have endured during or after a bad date with someone.

For example, you dated someone for over a year. You found out they were married, had two kids, and were practically living a double life, dating a guy who lives with his mother after spending many years in the federal pen, or those who have brought home predators/abusers.

"I realized he had drugged my drink. His excuse was technically, he drugged his own drink and then simply offered me to try it, so it was my fault? But luckily, I could feel what was happening and got out of there quickly and rode it out at home alone. In retrospect, it could have gone so, so much worse."

Find Out Who I'm Dating

White Lies Never Hurt Anyone, Right?

The dating pool is not what it used to be, and dating in this day and age can be scary because people will lie about anything and everything to score a date. Have you ever told a little white lie on a first date? According to EliteDaily, here are the highest ranking things that people lie about on first dates:

  1. Sexual history (19.2%)
  2. Dating history (17.6%)
  3. Finances (11.8%)
  4. Where you live (9.9%)
  5. Age (8.3%)
  6. Interests/hobbies (8.1%)
  7. Job (6.2%)
  8. Having kids (2.6%)
  9. Being divorced (2.1%)

Okay, we may all be a little guilty of telling a lie or two from the list above, but what if it came down to a more severe lie, one that could be a possible threat to you, your children, your job, and your family?

Before swiping right and agreeing to a date or agreeing to the blind date your friend just tried to hook you up with, you should play it safe and research and run a full background search beforehand:

Things to Look For in a Background Search

  • What's their Full name?
  • Where do they live?
  • Do you have mutual friends (online or offline)?
  • Employment status?
  • What does their life on social media look like? (dog lover, a heavy drinker, is that a sibling or an ex?)
  • Ever been arrested?
  • Kids? (If so, how many?)
  • Divorced, widowed, or separated?
  • Most recent breakup?

Okay, let's say you can't get all of this in just one Google search, not to mention Google doesn't always give you all the nitty-gritty details and say, maybe they didn't come up at all. You need access to accurate, newly updated background information, and our background search can help you get that.

With Our Background Search, You'll Find the Following:

  • Mugshot records
  • Court filings
  • Traffic violations
  • Marriages and divorces
  • Foreclosures and liens
  • Address history
  • Social media profiles
  • Addresses
  • Family members
  • Close associations

And more.

Our Background Search Finds the Red Flags Before You Do

"I've never seen such a huge pile of red flags."

We've all been in sketchy situations with a person we just met or considered dating. Sometimes our intuition tells us one thing, but we give ourselves the benefit of the doubt, and the situation ends in disaster. Practice safe dating and search for your potential life partner before you say yes to the first date. Background searches allow you to stay ahead of any hurt, betrayal, or lies this said person could feed you while keeping you safe. Find out who you're dating, and stay safe!

Key Background Search Takeaways

  • Use PeopleWhiz to run a background search before you say yes to the first date.
  • Practice safe dating.
  • Background-search your way to a healthy relationship.
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