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She Opened Her Husband’s Laptop Only to Discover His Shocking Betrayal

Shocked and appalled, her next steps were not what you might expect.

She Opened Her Husband’s Laptop Only to Discover His Shocking Betrayal

Yahoo Lifestyle is reporting a story about a woman who logged into her husband’s computer only to be horrified by what she found. A background check, staring her right in the face, with her name on the top of it.

Turning to Reddit’s “AITA?” forum, the woman asked for the public’s opinion on the scandalous finding. The story goes something like this: she opened her husband’s laptop, and pretty much as soon as she went online, there it was: her background report. She of course confronted her spouse about it, only to have him downplay the action, calling it “no big deal.”

Background reports can pull up all sorts of public records documents, including social media accounts, online photos, mugshots, DUI and arrest history, marriage licenses and divorce records, address history, known relatives, business contacts and associates, and much more. They’re also updated frequently, so if you have run a background check on someone in the past year or so, you may want to refresh the report to get all of the most updated information and intelligence on your search target.

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Married for Three Years and Now This?

Circling back to the Reddit thread, the wife explained that they had been married for three years, and apparently before they got hitched, the husband had run a background check on his future wife’s entire family.

As she wrote on Reddit: “I found out because we were on vacation with his family, and they were doing things I had no interest in participating in a few times, so I stayed behind. He let me borrow his laptop because I left mine at home. I made a folder with my name, and I was searching for it when I found another folder with my name. The folder was full of reports on me, my family (including extended family) and two of my childhood friends. I read as much of the reports as I could before my husband and his family came home for the day.”

The depth of detail the background report had uncovered seemed to really upset her. It was as if her husband had dug up all of her past secrets, and now they were staring her right in the face in black and white on this background check.

Background reports are extensive and they find basically everything, which is why so many people run them every day to protect themselves and those they love. But the question was, was that the case here?

The Wife’s Reddit Thread Continues

“At first, I was just hurt he would do something like this without talking to me first, but as I read more and started finding out things about my family and friends that I never even knew, I started to get angry,” she wrote on Reddit. “So, when I saw my husband, I exploded on him in front of his family. At first, he tried to say it wasn’t a big deal, and his cousin chimed in to say it was normal and he wasn’t the only one who had done it in their family. When he saw I wasn’t calming down, he tried to get me to go into our room so we could talk about it privately, but I told him I wasn’t going anywhere with him and I was leaving. I ended up staying at a hotel for the night, and we both flew home shortly after that, cutting the vacation short.”

The online forum’s responses began flooding in, with many Redditors agreeing with the wife, explaining that they’d be every bit as disturbed as she was at the betrayal. Running background reports on those you find suspicious is one thing, but this felt like something entirely different: a betrayal.

As one Redditor put it, “I don’t see anything wrong with doing a quick background check when you start getting to know someone. But by the sounds of it, this went much deeper into creepy territory.” Another forum member chimed in, saying, “I’d freak out too.” And more responses came flying in, with one member writing, “It is NOT NORMAL to run a background check on someone AND their family.”

What is normal, and totally understandable, is running background reports on someone you may find suspicious that is aiming to do you or your family harm. That’s when a background report can not only be a precautionary measure, but an absolute necessity. Some even call background reports “life savers”, as they have indeed protected many would-be victims from real world harm.

Security experts have come to a consensus on this: Remain vigilant. Stay one step ahead at all times, arm yourself with the knowledge you need to protect yourself and those around you. Because "better safe than sorry" is much more than a catchy phrase.

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